Changing 5 schools over the span of 14 years may not seem like everyone’s thing but yes, I’m one of those people who hasn’t been in a single school for say more than 3 years on an average. Though the changing of schools were absolutely circumstantial and not pre-planned in anyways, I would say it […]

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Final work product of GSoC’17

It has been one great and challenging ride through the GSoC period through which I got to meet some eminent coders and had a wonderful experience working with the Wikimedia team, who were extremely helpful and responsive at all times. Not to mention the immense amount of learning that had happened over the span of […]

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The week after first evaluation

Glad that I made through the first evaluation, it was time to move on to a different task. Now that the Index: pages editing form has been converted to OOjs UI and corresponding improvements have been made on the patchset to make the code shorter and more neater the change was merged the last week […]

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Coding: The third week

With the finishing of the patch that was set for the task┬áT153120 , I had uploaded the change for review. Though the basic UI, was good to go, some issues still persisted. The first one was the width of the form, it was too wide for bigger screens, the labels were actually far off from […]

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First week of Coding

Now that the first week of coding had begun, it was time to get working. As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I had started off with creating a right for the unrestricted edits in the page-quality flag. The page-quality validation is a two-step process in which involves first the manual proofreading done by […]

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Community bonding: The final week

After the community bonding period ending on the 30th of May, it was a great working with the Mediawiki team. For me it was a tremendous learning experience the whole month, talking to people, understanding the code-base and working with different aspects of Mediawiki. Right from setting up the localhost to working with different extensions, […]

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