The Wikimedia Hackathon

Great experience and tremendous exposure it was to be a part of ‘Hackathon’ conducted by The Wikimedia Foundation at Amrita University,Kollam.This being the first time I’m fixing bugs, with that good mentors, it was baseless asking for more. Not to mention the awesome food, we never felt that we were in front of computers for close to 10 hours! Although most of us, the participants were amateurs in this business, excluding that starting trouble in the very beginning, we were all cruising ahead.

This Hackathon was a stepping stone to get into contributions and bug fixing. Being an enthusiastic member of FOSS@Amrita, this was all that was required to jump start into contributions. This being actually what we might be doing in the future, most of us made the maximum out of this Hackathon, grabbing all we could.

Besides this was the first time we got to know about The Wikimedia Foundation and its various projects, now this got me really interested into this organization, not all of us knew that the very famous Wikipedia had a parent organization. And yes I am looking forward to attending more such programs and contributing to the good of the people out there.


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