The first week of community bonding

It has been over half a year since my first contribution to Mediawiki, a project of The Wikimedia Foundation. This being the first real organisation that I had been contributing to, it was a tremendous learning experience. Thanks to the help and support of a lot of people that now I am doing my first major project “The Google summer of code” via Mediawiki.

It was like a dream come true when I was notified that my proposal had been accepted to make it a project for GSoC’17. It was a very eventful first week of the community bonding period that constitutes to the first month of GSoC. Since I had already been contributing to Mediawiki for a couple of months as small bug fixes and code improvements, it wasn’t that of a task to set up the Localhost and clone the required extensions. I spent my first week understanding the code base that I have to work on, and then working with the extensions related to my project. Doing some small but useful things like a User page in Mediawiki and of course update this outdated blog.

The project that I will be working on the next three months this summer, will aim to the general improvements of the extension proofreadpage which can render a book either as a column of OCR text beside a column of scanned images, or broken into its logical organization such as chapters or poems using transclusion. I will also be implementing new features and update certain pages to the current Mediawiki standard in Wikisource which is a digital library of public domain texts, films and similar stuff.


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