First week of Coding

Now that the first week of coding had begun, it was time to get working. As I had mentioned in my earlier post, I had started off with creating a right for the unrestricted edits in the page-quality flag. The page-quality validation is a two-step process in which involves first the manual proofreading done by a user and then it should be validated by someone else. Now this will be an issue in small Wikis, which don’t have many users, so here the admin has to pull in people who may not even be related to it, to validate it.

My task was to solve this issue. When I discussed with my mentor, the solution for this will be creating a new right for admins that allows the ‘sysop’ to override the existing rules to make changes in the page quality the way they wish to change.

So, that was when I created the right called ‘pagequality-admin’ exclusively for the ‘sysop’ or the admins of Mediawiki. Since Mediawiki has excellent documentation for different purposes, creating the right and establishing it went on smoothly with the help of the author of the ‘ProofreadPage’ extension and my mentor Thomas. This would prove very helpful to those running small Wikis once it is implemented in the next release.


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