The week after first evaluation

Glad that I made through the first evaluation, it was time to move on to a different task. Now that the Index: pages editing form has been converted to OOjs UI and corresponding improvements have been made on the patchset to make the code shorter and more neater the change was merged the last week and the task was closed.

The next one was also based on OOjs UI, but what the difference this time is that I am now dealing with a feature implemented in JQuery rather than PHP. It took me a while to learn the methods that should be used to code the Button Widget into the file. I was good to go now and I had started off with the coding, so that I could finish this task within a week or two and move on to the remaining two.

I am trying to improve the pace of my coding, since the task is bigger and I have been playing around with OOjs for quite some time now and am good to go with it.


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