Changing 5 schools over the span of 14 years may not seem like everyone’s thing but yes, I’m one of those people who hasn’t been in a single school for say more than 3 years on an average. Though the changing of schools were absolutely circumstantial and not pre-planned in anyways, I would say it was a one of a kind experience.

The reason I said the above statement is that I had only recently realized that this was all an immense learning. A good part of this learning was from the different people I had met during this span of time. I believe each one has their individuality, so there is something to learn from each one. Yes, it’s true that we are both teachers and students in life. In the beginning of my school days I was meek and I wasn’t one of those guys who hung around with the cool kids, but I have become a lot more outspoken over the years and I felt this change has only done well to me as when I look back in time, interacting with such a lot of people had made me look into life in various perspectives.

It wasn’t an easy task at all for me to cope with new people after every second or third year. I’ve many times hit a big low when I just couldn’t mix up with the new faces in a new a school. But little did I know that it was life training me for the future hurdles that awaited me and still awaits me. I don’t know when but at one point I started believing that everything that happened to me was for the good and still believe the same to this day. The best of people who I have met maybe the ones who are really their authentic true self, what I mean to say is that they are themselves and they are not impersonating anyone even in the least way possible.

Even though the best of people might have had a positive influence on me, the people who made me what I am today are the ones who avoided me, who put me down and told me I cannot do something. I am not angry at them, instead, I am very thankful. Though I haven’t achieved anything big in life, nor have I won the Nobel peace prize, I’m sure that I am a better person from what I was a couple of years ago. Now I understand people, I am able to walk in their shoes, and I’m not easily provoked. All thanks to the people, who were the pages of my book called ‘life’.

Our life itself is one awesome teacher and there is a very valid reason you meet different people in life. I think it’s always better to see the brighter side of things and stay positive on whatever hurdles we come across. I know it’s not easy and I am not the best person to say this, but I honestly believe that this quality is something that anyone could build with time since its something worth possessing.


2 thoughts on “People

  1. Nice to note you have the attitude of seeing the positive side of life and have flipped all life changing experiences into lessons for life.
    Well written. Keep writing. Sometimes your experiences can also serve as an eye-opener or might prove to be an inspiration.


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