Kerala, Devastated yet United.

Yes, ‘Malayala Naadu’ has outlived the intractable floods. Kerala had witnessed the most disastrous sequence of events in almost a century over the past two weeks. When all 14 of its districts were put on a red alert, nobody had a clue on how this would all end. The common man never did expect anything close to this magnitude, it was something nobody ever witnessed in their lives before. But, how effectively Malayalis dealt with the situation definitely deserves a standing ovation.

It was a beautiful sight to see people forgetting castes, creed, and religion to hold hands together to pull the affected from the perils of flood water. Of course, there are some people out there who blame Lord Ayyappa or the beef-eating culture for the disaster, but the majority know the time demands unity and they’ve proved themselves, heroes. It was indeed a spellbinding sight to see all sections of the society getting down to ground zero and providing the support humanly possible by them. Not to mention, the fishermen, who showed the bravery at times when even the Indian army was held back for a moment. The youngsters who left their homes to distribute food packets and other necessities with love. The Keralites abroad who collected money for the relief, coordinated rescue operations and geo-located the stranded. The list is endless. What we saw in Kerala was pure humanity without borders, compassion without boundaries. Another impressive point to note is the sense of responsibility shown by everyone including the social media community and the state media during the time when the common masses needed them the most.

The losses are immeasurable, countless lives were lost, more than 24000 crores worth property was washed away. It was the greatest loss for the state in the century, but the strength Kerala showed during the period was an eye-opener to the rest of the world. Now we know that we can face anything. Let the cause of the disaster be irrelevant at the moment, be it the disregard of Gadgil report or the inaccuracy in handling the 170 percent excess rainfall, what is vital is how Malayalis portrayed valour when their houses were 10 feet under water. No, hardships have not come to an end, but we already have enough and more reasons to say that we will live through the hurdles that come knocking at our doors. The world will never forget the days the humans of Kerala stood together and fought the battle selflessly.

Condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones. A big Salute to all the unsung heroes who are the reason the rest of us have the liberty to breathe. Kerala will rise back stronger than ever before in no time.


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