Akademy- The annual KDE Meetup.

Spending a wonderful week in the most liveable city in the world was rather an extraordinary experience. Vienna was one of the best places I’ve ever been in my life, this is no surprise as the people are very soft-spoken and most of them live a very simple life. It is a green country and people of all ages use bicycles for their commute as the city is small and most places are accessible by walking or by bicycles. The public transport is very well laid out and the need for a personal car is pretty less if you are living inside the city. Apart from the stay at the beautiful city, the immense learning that happened at the “Akademy” is worth a mention. As a Wikimedia Contributor, it was my first time being a guest to a KDE event, and I was genuinely thrilled to meet the community at TU Wien.

The week-long programme which comprised of BOF’s, lightning talks and sessions from the community was easily one of the best-organised events I’ve ever been to. Being from a different community it was very informative to know the propaganda and perspectives of KDE developers and their future plans to better the services of KDE. The best was interacting and collaborating with other fellow attendees who were from different walks of life. The vibrant community had college professors, full-time employees of KDE, occasional contributors and a lot more. I’m glad that I got a great insight into the industrial situation of the world right now and the areas that are scanty of developers while speaking to different members.

After the initial two days of engaging talks and student presentations, I dived into every BoF I could manage, my favourite of the lot was the KDE-India BoF hosted by Bhushan Shah and Devaja Shah. It was of particular interest to me as the university I am doing my undergrad, the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kerala has a good record of conducting many internationally acclaimed events and hackathons. I wanted to emphasise on the need of hosting more such outreach events locally at this institution as it has a great outlook towards the open source world primarily facilitated by the initiative called amFOSS of which I am an active part of. This was the first time I had spent some quality time with the Indian community to discuss of the future prospects and the idea of decentralised growth of the community to bring in more developers.

The social event, city tour and the day trip to Kahlenberg, a picturesque mountain peak that can be conquered with an hour-long hike through beautiful woods also supplemented to the unlimited fun during the course of the programme. It was the perfect combo of both technical and non-technical events that added to the glory of the event and contributed to the wholesome learning experience and exposure. The closing Barbeque at the banks of river Danube was filled with good vibes and event ended with goodbyes to all the new friends I made within the very short span. The Community bonding was worth it and I definitely look forward to being a part in more open source Meetups and events.


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