GSoC 2017

Community bonding: The final week

After the community bonding period ending on the 30th of May, it was a great working with the Mediawiki team. For me it was a tremendous learning experience the whole month, talking to people, understanding the code-base and working with different aspects of Mediawiki.

Right from setting up the localhost to working with different extensions, I was guided throughout out by the community whom I was familiar with, from a couple of months. As I now had gotten the hang of things, it was time to start working on it. Since the schedule of work had already been chalked out, I was ready to go.

I will start off with the fast task assigned, which is to create a right that overrides the pagequality-right in ProofreadPage extension, I will be detailing on this in the next blog post.


GSoC 2017

Community bonding: The second week

After an eventful first week of community bonding,  the second week involved more of technical stuff. I balanced my time being spent between the heavy prep for the end-sem examinations and learning the working of the ‘ProofreadPage’ extension which I am supposed to be improving during the coding period.

I had communicated with my mentors for the tasks and got an idea on how I should go about during the coding phase. The extension was basically something that allows users to proofread and validate various texts and scriptures that are uploaded to Wikisource. Once I got the hang of using it, I went through the tasks that I should be working on and discussed the order of executing the work with my mentors.

With the end of the week, I had a wonderful learning experience both technically and otherwise when I got to know how to work with Wikisource and the processes in involved in validation of works in various levels.

GSoC 2017

The first week of community bonding

It has been over half a year since my first contribution to Mediawiki, a project of The Wikimedia Foundation. This being the first real organisation that I had been contributing to, it was a tremendous learning experience. Thanks to the help and support of a lot of people that now I am doing my first major project “The Google summer of code” via Mediawiki.

It was like a dream come true when I was notified that my proposal had been accepted to make it a project for GSoC’17. It was a very eventful first week of the community bonding period that constitutes to the first month of GSoC. Since I had already been contributing to Mediawiki for a couple of months as small bug fixes and code improvements, it wasn’t that of a task to set up the Localhost and clone the required extensions. I spent my first week understanding the code base that I have to work on, and then working with the extensions related to my project. Doing some small but useful things like a User page in Mediawiki and of course update this outdated blog.

The project that I will be working on the next three months this summer, will aim to the general improvements of the extension proofreadpage which can render a book either as a column of OCR text beside a column of scanned images, or broken into its logical organization such as chapters or poems using transclusion. I will also be implementing new features and update certain pages to the current Mediawiki standard in Wikisource which is a digital library of public domain texts, films and similar stuff.

Computers and Tech

The Wikimedia Hackathon

Great experience and tremendous exposure it was to be a part of ‘Hackathon’ conducted by The Wikimedia Foundation at Amrita University,Kollam.This being the first time I’m fixing bugs, with that good mentors, it was baseless asking for more. Not to mention the awesome food, we never felt that we were in front of computers for close to 10 hours! Although most of us, the participants were amateurs in this business, excluding that starting trouble in the very beginning, we were all cruising ahead.

This Hackathon was a stepping stone to get into contributions and bug fixing. Being an enthusiastic member of FOSS@Amrita, this was all that was required to jump start into contributions. This being actually what we might be doing in the future, most of us made the maximum out of this Hackathon, grabbing all we could.

Besides this was the first time we got to know about The Wikimedia Foundation and its various projects, now this got me really interested into this organization, not all of us knew that the very famous Wikipedia had a parent organization. And yes I am looking forward to attending more such programs and contributing to the good of the people out there.

The society we live in.

The Outcast

No sincere soul can elaborate,
The woeful profound of a solitary old man

A man lost in time.

Living in solitude,
At a state of his own hallucinations.

Untouched by grasping hands,
Uninterested in the gambles of life.

Residing somewhere, in the untrodden lands,
With no one but the souls of darkness.

Once looked upon by many.
But since,
Lost impressions can never be regained.

Everyone’d seen him.

But what affects them,
Is only what’s perceived.

Unprovoked by rat races.
Segregated by social norms.

He has not no peacemaker, but an outcast,
Guarded by just the starry skies.

His destiny is inevitable.
Cos, there are no second chances in life.